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Success begins with good planning. Therefore, Bud Surles has surrounded himself with highly skilled and motivated talent with decades of experience in the industry, that can deliver that success. The team we have assembled is second to none and have combined for well over 100 Outdoor Hospitality projects.

Donda Walsh - Business Development Director

Donda Walsh is our Business Development Director in the office. She has a vast background in business and is completing her MBA at American Military University.  She understands land, land values, and all the issues surrounding developing land. Combining her experience in real estate, process management, and customer relations, we are excited to have her on board.      

As Business Development Director, Donda works with clients on marketing and sales plans, economic analysis, development of sound economic models, cash flow analysis, and start up marketing efforts.  She works with our planning team in providing the feasibility, market, and economic assessments in the master plans and also joins with our operations team in startup efforts for new projects .

Email Donda at donda@budsurles.com     


Wendy Matthews - Operations Director

Wendy and Bud teamed together to build and operate one of the most successful resorts in Texas.   It won Resort of the Year in 2009, and also maintained an A++ customer service rating for the time they were in charge. Wendy brings to the company an extensive background in marketing and sales, operations, and events management in the Outdoor Hospitality industry.  She has many years of operational experience so that when Bud needed to establish the operations division, he went directly to Wendy to join with him again. 

Wendy oversees the operations division, which is designed to aid developers in the industry with start-up operations and longer term management where interim management is needed.   The program is designed to provide the highest level of management but do so in such a way that the property owner can sever the relationship easily when the project is ready to fly on its own.  Wendy is aware of the latest systems for customer service, reservations, and accounting practices necessary to be ahead of the curve in meeting the needs of the clients and the visitors they serve.  

Email Wendy at wendy@budsurles.com

Lauren Searle - Administrative Director

The office in Victor, Idaho is managed by Lauren Searle, including administrative, bookkeeping and human resources functions.  She is also in charge of professional production of all Master Plans, development plans, and design materials.  This includes time management to insure timely completion of scheduled projects.  Lauren brings to the job extensive experience in customer service, and administrative work.  She is a graduate of the University of Wyoming backed up by several years of professional experience.

Email Lauren at lauren@budsurles.com

Rachel Rudd - Landscape Designer

Rachel received her Master's of Landscape Architecture from State University of New York, College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, and serves BSCG as a landscape designer with a specialty in projects where environmental and regulatory emphasis is needed. She brings to the job experience in government as well as excellence in her design.

As projects become more and more restrained by regulation, Rachel will help clients wade through the regulations with a dexterity needed in our era.

Email Rachel at rachel@budsurles.com

Matt Corrion - Landscape Architecture Consultant

Founder of Outdoor Design Group, Matt Corrion has over 15 years of experience in landscape architecture, land planning, and landscape development industries across the country.   Outdoor Design Group, a full service landscape architecture firm based in Arvada, Colorado, provides innovative planning and design solutions to create outdoor spaces and landscapes with sustainability and practical maintenance plans.   With a project philosophy to combine creative design ideas and thoughtful site analysis, Matt has realistic approaches that meet the goal of every client. Matt joined with the Bud Surles Consulting Group in 2010.

Phil Surles – Recreation Housing Consultant

Phil has been an industry leader in the Manufactured Housing and Recreational Park Model business for over 40 years.  Phil held various management positions with the former Redman Industries from 1976-1996 and was VP of the Southwest Region when Champion Ent. Inc and Redman merged in 1996.  Shortly thereafter, Phil was appointed Chief Operating Officer of CEI and remained in that position until taking early retirement in August of 2003.  During his tenure, Champion became the largest homebuilder in the world with over 65 operating plants and 300 retail locations.  In September of 2004 Phil and partners purchased the Champion plant in Athens, Texas and formed Athens Park Homes, LLC. Under his leadership as President and Managing Partner, Athens Park Homes acquired nearly 10% national market share out of the single facility. In 2012 Phil negotiated the sale of APH to Champion Home builders, Inc.

Phil has served in several Industry capacities over his career, including Chairman of the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Manufacturers council for two years as well as MHI’s Board of Directors for two years.  He served on the Texas Manufactures Association Board of Directors on three separate occasions.  Phil is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a USAF veteran where he obtained the rank of Captain.

Phil provides consultation on all matters dealing with Park Model and other forms of recreational housing by developing models for developers and resort operators to best fit their plans and needs. Phil and his brother Bud have worked together on several projects since 2006.

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