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In 1983, award winning national and state parks executive, Bud Surles, began a firm called Rocky Mountain Outdoors. This firm served both the public and private sectors of the Outdoor Hospitality industries in long range planning, land planning, master planning of systems and individual parks, resort and park development, customer service, and forging public-private relationships.  After a 15-year break from 1990 until 2006, in which Bud left his business to go into Christian ministry, mission work, and writing (www.kingdomroadministries.com), he began again to provide the highest level of expertise into the Parks, Resorts, and RV Resort planning. This time he was called back into the industry to plan, develop, and operate a now nationally famous award winning resort. Because of its national reputation, many have called Bud to provide his services once again to an industry in the state of change.   A new shift in the outdoor recreation paradigm calls for experience emerging from the highest levels of the industry and Bud Surles provides that experience.  From that need, Rocky Mountain Outdoors has re-emerged as Bud Surles Consulting Group.   Now Bud provides services for corporations, public agencies, and individuals in consulting for land development, site consultations, cutting edge design, and leading seminars both in the Resort and RV industries and for Christian ministry.

Biography of Bud Surles

Bud Surles is a seasoned business executive with an award-winning career in natural resource planning, design, development, and management of public lands and private resorts.  Integrity in business, a love of the land, and a deep faith have combined to give Bud a heart for looking at land development in an exciting way.  He has won national recognition for his management, development, and leadership accomplishments.  All of this spanning a career over 30 years.  Experience - aged to perfection.  Ideas - clearly in the 21st century.

Projects and Accomplishments

  • National Award Winner as State Park Director
  • Highly Acclaimed Executive in the National Park Service
  • Served in the National Park Service as Chief of Concessions Management
  • Planned and Developed Parks and Resorts in Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Oklahoma, Ohio, California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, New Mexico, Washington, Tennessee, and Texas.
  • Works internationally, designing resorts in Canada and China.  In China, he has designed the premier RV Resort in the nation.
  • Recently completed planning, design, and development of an award-winning resort in Texas.  Most recent design project is scheduled to start construction in Brownsville, TX in spring 2017 to be completed by the end of 2017- early 2018.
  • Worked with federal, state, and local agencies in preserving and streamlining their parks and resorts.
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"I walk the land until it begins to speak to me," says Bud, "then I let its natural attributes dictate the plan and the carrying capacity of the project." The results have been beautiful resorts and parks all across our nation.

Bud Surles has a degree in Parks and Recreation from Texas A&M, a Masters of Divinity from TCU, and a Doctor of Ministry from Denver Seminary.  He has served as Director of Arkansas State Parks, as Assistant Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park, Chief of Concessions Management for the NPS, and Associate Director of the Rocky Mountain Region for the Park Service.  He has owned his own private consulting company developing resorts and parks in throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, across the U.S., and around the world. From a hunting and fishing outfitter, to the halls of Congress, he has served the private and public sectors of the Outdoor Hospitality industry since 1968.  As a devout Christian, he has served his faith in the pulpit and in foreign mission fields. He is also a published author and acclaimed speaker.

Bud's services include:

  • RV Resort Planning, Design, and Development
  • Resort Planning
  • Man Camp and Work Camp Design and Development
  • Public Entitlement and Permitting
  • Operations and Management
  • Master Plans for Public Park and Recreation Agencies
  • Management Analysis
  • Developing Public / Private Partnerships
  • Concessions Management Planning
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Development and development supervision
  • Economic and feasibility analysis
  • Business Plans
  • Consultations on your project are available. Call 1-208-787-5011.

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